Ignite. Excite. Empower.


Michele Lampach

6/14/2016 |

Michele Lampach, Founder and Executive Director of UnLocal Inc., is “on her cycle” to change the lives of immigrants by providing invaluable legal services via her non-profit organization. Never a stranger to hard work and a busy schedule, Michele also leads the Grassroots Immigrant Collaborative
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Michelle Moore

5/9/2016 |

Michelle Moore is ignited by entrepreneurialism, excited to help her fellow sister entrepreneurs, and empowered by the sense of community, actualization of goals, and true sisterhood her company Pretty and Profesh is building around the globe! Always empowering women through positive affirmations, Michell
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Brenda Burns

5/2/2016 |

Setting the bar for commitment, passion, hard work, and friendship, Brenda Burns helped lift iee off the pages and become a reality.  What about iee resonates with you?Read More

Sumayya Ayoub

4/18/2016 |

Sumayya Ayoub, the hardworking, thirty-one year old Education Manager at Junior Achievement of Southwest New England, lives by the personal mission statement: To remain resilient, help others, and keep it moving. What Ignites, excites and empowers you?
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Nicole Leonard

4/11/2016 |

Nicole Leonard, owner of Spotted Love Photography, lives by the motto, “I never fail; I either succeed or I learn!” What ignites, excites, and empowers you? “I am ignited, excited, and empowered by motherhood. The ability to bring children into this world i
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Alexandra Kusturiss

4/3/2016 |

“I am on my cycle” means to me that I am ever evolving, always changing, and happily growing. Cycling through my inner being and finding balance while learning more about myself every day.
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Laura Murphy

3/29/2016 |

Tech guru, teammate, and all around “bad ass” Laura Murphy brings her own personal flavor, skill set, and passion for tackling stereotypes to Ignite!
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Jessy Wang Artioli

3/21/2016 |

Highly analytical Jessy Wang Artioli holds an MBA and tackles life courageously! A loving wife and daughter, she is paving her own way to emotional and financial freedom! What ignites, excites, and empowers you? “Learning! I am constantly ignited, excited, and e
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Michael Sheridan

3/12/2016 |

Father, husband, brother, son, and über talented classical guitarist Michael Sheridan shares his thoughts on the Cycle Initiative and what gets him up in the morning!
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Sonia Manganello

3/7/2016 |

Business owner and loving mother of three, Sonia Manganello shares a few pearls on life, passion, and her excitement about helping others. “The transition from a secure career as an elementary education teacher to the risky entrepreneurial world as a small business owner has been daunting. Creativity, p
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Tamara Marbury

3/2/2016 |

Tamara Marbury, founder and editor of Blitz and Glam, a popular lifestyle blog launched in 2010, wears many personal and professional hats.
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Naomi Orcutt

2/1/2016 |

Naomi Orcutt, proud daughter of a single mother who tragically passed away in early 2014, struggles to find peace and harmony through her art.
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Carlene Gleman

1/25/2016 |

What Ignites, Excites, and Empowers you? What Ignites, Excites, and Empowers me is seeing ideas I had imagined for my own enjoyment translated into tangible products which bring delight to our customers. It's extremely empowering to know my ideas are as appealing to othe
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Michal Klau-Stevens

1/10/2016 |

Can you think of anything that relates more to being on your cycle than fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth? Women spend decades of their lives thinking about their cycles. Pregnancy is a central focus of
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Diya Liu

10/19/2015 |

Why do you support the Cycle Initiative? (Why is it important to you / for you to empower women?) I feel that femininity has long been socially considered the antonym to strength... e.g., think of quotes such as "wear the pants," "has the balls" or "be a man." Additionally, girls are often imp
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9/20/2015 |

I am excited to Support the Cycle!  This initiative reflects my personal belief in the sharing of individual talents and experiences to help empower others.  In building my career in a male dominated field (Information Technology within the Insurance Industry), I have often found inspiration from those who
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9/20/2015 | Peter

People are hungry for community.  Distractions and superficial communications such as Satellite TV, Facebook, and texting provide a facade for the illusion of people staying connected.  But I.E.E. offers a community based on a platform where women and men, who honor their talents, can share their inspiring
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