Ignite. Excite. Empower.

People are hungry for community.  Distractions and superficial communications such as Satellite TV, Facebook, and texting provide a facade for the illusion of people staying connected.  But I.E.E. offers a community based on a platform where women and men, who honor their talents, can share their inspiring stories, connect with similar people, learn and benefit from each other's experiences while having a secure support community.

Many people are also disenchanted and discouraged by the present state of U.S. Politics; specifically, the divisive tactics that are used by both parties to classify, divide and drive wedges between folks from all walks of life.  I think I.E.E. offers a framework where fear is left behind and where all people can feel welcome to experience a sense of pulling together in intuitive fashion.

Ignite. Excite. Empower. is an emerging initiative in its infancy.  The synergy and electricity is truly exciting.  I eagerly encourage my fellow citizens to hop aboard the bus- it could change your life.

Peter Roarke, Commercial Industrial Equipment Account Manager