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The Cycle Initiative™

The Cycle Initiative™ recognizes women of all cultures, ages, shapes, sizes, and from all personal and professional backgrounds. iee® uses public platforms to showcase women and their unique contributions to inspire others.

The Cycle represents the strength, resilience, ambition, and drive women possess to tackle their passions. It distinguishes them, celebrates them, and makes them stronger. The true beauty of The Cycle is that it means something different to each woman.

To help spread The Cycle Initiative™ message and appeal to audiences, iee® uses the following trademarked taglines on apparel and promotional products.   

I’m on my cycle®the edgy lead-in tagline of The Cycle Initiative™, has nothing to do with bicycles and everything to do with women! A women’s cycle has been heavily stigmatized, and iee® intends to change that by redefining what the cycle means.

"I'm on my cycle" means "I'm on my journey", which may represent something quite different to every women.

  • I'm on my cycle to motivate
  • I'm on my cycle to educate
  • I'm on my cycle to inspire
  • I'm on my cycle to create
  • I'm on my cycle to unify

It is whatever being on your cycle means to you!

Support the cycle® for individuals who support women ‘on their cycle’.

Still Cycling® tackling life and still moving forward.  

Junior Cyclist™ to ignite, excite, and empower children.

"A million thanks to Christine Horn for her love and support!  She mentions my daughter in the video and though I am not a father in the traditional sense, I am fortunate to be the godfather of two wonderful young ladies, Adriana and Rowan.  I love my family!"
— Ryan Woods

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Heather is on her cycle to stay strong.

“I support the cycle because it represents health, happiness, and community to me which is what cycling is to me. I cycle for transportation and exercise but also because I love the experience, freedom and the new places it takes me. Sharing my love for cycling has created a really cool bicycle community with my friends like Annie, Katrina and others who also ride.” –Heather

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The Cycle Initiative

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