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You are the CEO of your body

3/16/2016 | Ryan Woods

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The single biggest mental shift that many of you must make is to understand that you are the CEO of your body.

When you start building your team of healthcare professionals, regardless of whether it is a therapist, personal trainer, doctor, or the like, you need to understand that they are your employees; they work for you.

You need a team that has a vested interest in building and protecting your brand, which is your health and your single most valuable asset.

You need to have the confidence to interview, assess, and determine whether each professional is an appropriate fit for your team.

As a personal trainer, I routinely meet hardworking, intelligent women that consistently make poor decisions related to their health simply because they are not informed.

IEE's seminars are designed to support you in this regard.

By aligning the right resources, tools, and support, our goal it assist you in becoming a more confident, involved, and proactive advocate for your own self-care.

Few things are more empowering than being being informed!

Sign up, join us, and share this message so that we can all become stronger, healthier versions of ourselves, together!

Always be cycling, Ryan Woods!

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