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Women's Vascular Health Seminar - Attention Men

2/29/2016 | Ryan Woods

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Dear Men,

Please take an active role in supporting and encouraging the women in our lives to become educated about their health.  

Each of us have women in our lives that we truly care about. We all have mothers; others of you have wives, daughters, sisters, and best friends.

It is a startling statistic, but the sad reality is that one in three women will die from heart disease. 

This is not a figure that I just conjured up to use as a scare tactic. It was a statistic released by the American Heart Association. I have attached the link so you can verify this for yourself. (https://www.goredforwomen.org/about-heart-disease/facts_about_heart_disease_in_women-sub-category/statistics-at-a-glance/)

This is beyond terrifying because heart disease is killing more women than all forms of cancer combined and most people I speak with have no idea that it is a real threat!

This disease is not relegated to an older demographic either. It kills women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s… And unfortunately, by the time they realize there is an issue, it is usually too late.

For the most part, women tend to put the needs of everyone else before their own. Encourage them to attend this seminar. This is a perfect opportunity to support them by having them put their needs and their health first.

Better yet, you can do what a lot of men have been doing and just purchase the ticket for them. You can simply click to register here. (http://igniteexciteempower.com/shop/healthyhearthealth/)

Three key things will happen when they attend this seminar:

  1. They will leave with a ton of information that can drastically improve the quality of their life, (eg., mood, sleep quality, energy, body composition, etc.)
  2. If they need to make lifestyle changes, they will have the resources and support to do so.
  3. Most importantly, you may just save their life.

Let us not play the game of hindsight is 20/20… should have, could have, would have… You have an opportunity right now.

We have 37 slots left to fill, so lets fill them up. 

Ryan Woods
Founder- Ignite. Excite. Empower.
Creator- The Cycle Initiative


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