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Michele Lampach

6/14/2016 |

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Michele Lampach, Founder and Executive Director of UnLocal Inc., is “on her cycle” to change the lives of immigrants by providing invaluable legal services via her non-profit organization.

Never a stranger to hard work and a busy schedule, Michele also leads the Grassroots Immigrant Collaborative Project, a project which partners with community-based organizations, schools and other community settings to deliver education, trainings and legal consultations to immigrants.

What ignites, excites, and empowers you? Why did you start UnLocal?

“Each person is their own universe with unlimited potential. Individuals that are part of communities are strengthened by their communities because together we can do many things. I founded UnLocal because UnLocal interfaces with mainly the legal challenges facing undocumented youth and undocumented communities and empowers people with the law. We try to fill in a gap that has been left by harsh/inhuman immigration laws and the push factors that drive people to migrate, often for reasons of political, social and economic violence. We try to act as teachers and translators of the law, rather than the law as a top-down relationship where the lawyer has all the knowledge and power. Fundamentally, this is not true and more importantly people should be empowered with tools and information about the things that affect them most dearly. In the case of immigration, the issues are often life or death and they cut to the very core of our humanity--being separated from family in instances where someone is deported and freedom, in instances where someone is detained. I want young people and women to know that anything is possible and that together we can fight for all of our rights and reach our fullest potentials. Solving problems truly ignites, excites and empowers me but holding space for other people's power, sharing and consensus building excites me even more.”

Can you share a few quick pieces of advice for women creating their own brand and tackling their goals?

“My advice is to find mentors. Take care of yourself. Check-in with yourself along the way: Do you remember why you started what you did?  If you've lost sight, take a moment, a breath everyday and remind yourself.  If you are tired, take time. If you need help, ask.” 

What about the Cycle Initiative resonates with you? Why do you feel it's important?

“Women are important, strong, survivors, thoughtful, many things. It's important not to reduce a woman to a moment in time, but always see who they are in their complete self.” 

Are there any additional words of wisdom you want to add?

“Do what you love.  Surround yourself with great people and community. Allow yourself to change. Do something that is a challenge or annoyance every day and move ahead a little bit each and every day.”

To learn more about UnLocal Inc. and Michele’s work, please visit   www.unlocal.org

Always be cycling, Michele!

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