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Cardiovascualr and Nutrition Seminar- Healthy Heart, Mind & Body | Saturday, March 18th

3/6/2017 |

Learn about diet, exercise, and proper medical testing to protect yourself and the ones you love. ...

You are the CEO of your body

3/16/2016 | Ryan Woods

The single biggest mental shift that many of you must make is to understand that you are the CEO of your body. When you start building your team of healthcare professionals, regardless of whether it is a therapist, personal trainer, doctor, or the like, you need to understand that they are your employees; they work for you. ...

Women's Vascular Health Seminar - Attention Men

2/29/2016 | Ryan Woods

Dear Men, Please take an active role in supporting and encouraging the women in our lives to become educated about their health. Each of us have women in our lives that we truly care about. We all have mothers; others of you have wives, daughters, sisters, and best friends. ...

Women's Vascular Health Seminar - Invitation

2/22/2016 | Ryan Woods

My name is Ryan Woods. I am the founder of Ignite. Excite. Empower.®, and the creator of "the Cycle Initiative"™, an initiative that I am incredibly proud to announce is launching its first ever, very progressive seminar on women's heart health. ...

Ryan’s Message

2015-11-02 |

Constantly balancing the world on her shoulders, my mom always made time to take me on Disney vacations! I was 7 years old here.

"You may be questioning why a guy started a female empowerment initiative. To be clear, I am not a bandwagon jumper. I am the proud son of a single mother who parlayed a high school education into a professional career through a grueling ordeal of gender bias and discrimination. ...

Entrepreneur Gender Gap Widens

2015-07-05 |

According to The Wall Street Journal, (May 14, 1015) businesses opened in America by women dropped 40.7% in 2014. Men opened 337,000 businesses in America in 2014, up 21% from 2013; in contrast women opened 196,00 businesses in 2014, the same as in 2013. Possible reasons are fear of failure and lack of confidence in ...