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Brenda Burns

5/2/2016 |

Category: Cycle Supporters

Setting the bar for commitment, passion, hard work, and friendship, Brenda Burns helped lift iee off the pages and become a reality. 

What about iee resonates with you?

iee embodies the core philosophy of my mom, a woman that I respected, loved, and admired.”

What ignites you?

“I am ignited by a relentless drive to instill in others what my mother instilled in me: an uncompromising work ethic, fierce independence, and an unwavering kindness towards others. 

We must always remember that empowerment starts at home.” 

Why are you so impassioned to push the Cycle Initiative forward? 

“We live in a society where for the most part a women’s worth is based exclusively on her appearance.

We further perpetuate this trend through social media. I want young girls and women to know their worth is far greater than a few filters, lighting, and flattering angles on Instagram and Facebook. I want them to feel confident in who they are, the skills they possess, and to know they are not alone.   

In life, if someone does not value your gifts, it is their loss.

You matter and you will make a positive difference in life. All you need to do is set goals, work hard, believe in yourself, and you can achieve anything.” 

What about iee excites you?

“I am excited to do something that ‘matters’, to build social support structures, and to reach out my hand and help ‘lift others up’.

Family comes first, but family is not always defined by blood lines. I’m proud to say that iee is a very important and empowering part of my family.” - Brenda Burns

Always be cycling, Brenda!

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