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Alexandra Kusturiss

4/3/2016 |

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“I am on my cycle” means to me that I am ever evolving, always changing, and happily growing. Cycling through my inner being and finding balance while learning more about myself every day.

I am on my cycle to be the best Alexandra that I can be- as a daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend, coach, and mentor.

I don’t want to just show up in life; I want to CRUSH LIFE!

I strive to empower women to take control of their lives fearlessly; to never allow ANYONE outside of themselves to EVER dictate their own happiness.

The only person who controls your happiness is YOU!

The only person who can love you unconditionally is you!

Outside of yourself, there is only conditional love. Our internal psychology creates the version of ourselves the rest of the world sees!

I have experienced many things that broke my self esteem and disempowered me; whether it was me being bullied in school because I was the shortest girl, being cheated on by those that I thought loved me, being raped, or simply not being heard as a professional simply because I am a woman.

It took me a long time to recognize how powerful I really am and can be. The only one standing in your way is you! We set our own limitations.  

Life will only give you what it knows you can handle. Being an empowered woman means you don’t regret anything in life, even the worst, because that’s what made you into who you are now, a WARRIOR!

I was fortunate to be raised by a single mother who was the embodiment of an empowered women. I watched her become the top insurance agent in the country when I was in elementary school, a dental hygienist when I was in middle school, and graduate Valedictorian of her Nursing Class at age 58. She was my first role model, my first mentor, and she taught me what the word empowerment really meant.

Most women don’t get as lucky as me to have such a positive powerful influence in their lives at such a young age. I feel it is a special calling of mine to teach women how to love and empower themselves.

I’ve become ignited, excited, and empowered over the course of 17 years as a practitioner, educator, entrepreneur, and coach. Being afforded the opportunity to educate and empower women every single day ignites me! Helping women get out of their own way excites me! Empowering women empowers me!

“Though she be but little. She is fierce.”   ~William Shakespeare

Lexi Kusturiss, owner of Lexi Kusturiss.


Always be cycling, Alexandra!

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