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Healthy Heart / Healthy Mind / Healthy Body

4/30/2016 |

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Healthy Heart / Healthy Mind / Healthy Body was a tremendous success!

Knowledge, community support, and awareness are powerful tools! 

One in three women die from heart disease.

This seminar taught us about current testing, risk factors, and lifestyle modifications that can help predict, prevent, and in some cases mitigate an existing condition.

Healthy Heart connected our audience directly with authorities in their respective fields which offered them straight from the source information and immediate support.

“Hey Ryan! Just wanted to let you know that your seminar probably saved my mom life or at the very least is going to add years to her life. She went to see Dr. Nowlan. The results are not good, but knowledge is power and we have the opportunity to treat heart disease versus finding out after her first heart attack. I just wanted to say thank you!” – Traci A.

It is feedback like this that keeps our team ignited, excited, and empowered to continue building seminars of this caliber and delivering them to our communities.

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“Thank you for such a wonderful day!!” – Sonia Veilleux Manganello

“Thank you for such a great event! Great speakers, who were super informative and engaging, and everything about the event was wonderful! Can't wait for the next one!” – Maida Wassermann

“Truly an educational and fun day! Looking forward to the next seminar! Thanks!!” – Lisa Theoclis

“Thanks for an interesting and educational event! We had a great time and are looking forward to the next one!” – Kathleen Besade

“Great day with so much important information! Life changing” – Traci Parker Artioli

“This was very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole presentation. Can't wait for the next one!” – Louisa Balgassi

“Very impressed with the presenters I saw on Saturday!! Definitely time for a change. Looking forward to positive changes smile emoticon.   Thank you Ryan for putting this event on. Definitely going to pass along info to those who might want to attend in the Fall.” – Sandy Loveland Despard

“Thank you Ryan Travis Woods for putting together such a informative and heart felt event for the health and well being for all women. I would highly recommend women attend your next one in the fall if they missed it.” – Terry Standish

“Thanks for putting together such an informative event! Truly eye opening!” – Supriya Asnani

“Great event!!!” – Lynda Tennis Fallon

“A wonderful seminar, very eye opening and influential! Thank you” – Crystal Storo

“This was truly a great event on every level. Being able to educate the public on how important good health is & how to be an advocate for your personal health care is so needed. Personal & informative Doctors educators, & presenters that made health matters easy to understand & what to look was so helpful. The Q&A was also just great! Looking forward to the next one! Many Thanks for all you give! Fantastic job to you & your team!” – Valeria Waicunas Martin

“Thanks so much IEE for offering such a great seminar! Kathleen Besade and I had a wonderful day! It was very informative and I am happy to say I have been applying some of the things I learned to my daily routine. I am looking forward to your next seminar and will definitely encourage all my friends to attend. Thank you again.” – Nancy S. Woods

“Enfield doesn't know how lucky it is to have this guy... yet. But it will soon! I was so pleased to be in attendance and see firsthand the dramatic impact iee will have on this community. Looking forward to what's to come, I know it will be awesome!!! I will be spreading the word, count on it!” – Janel Gurney

“Ryan's Seminar was incredibly refreshing powerful & inspiring. The riveting concepts and data delivered by a host of professionals excited me about taking better care of myself. I have already shared these enlightening ideas with close friends and family. The energy in the venue was upbeat, friendly and enthusiastic. Thanks for a great day!” – Valerie Roarke

“Had a great time!! Thank you!!!” – Jessi Bastian

“Saturday was fantastic. Such great information! Thank you Ryan!” – Becky Hayes

“Ryan thank you so much for the very informative guest speakers you provided for us! I'm very grateful for all the work your team did to get these doctors to speak here in Enfield! We were very fortunate to have them share their knowledge with us and I look forward to the next event!” – Tracy Messina

“Ryan, you are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing these awesome people with us. I can't wait for the next one... what you are doing is amazing.... don't stop Ry!” – Krista Vassallo 

Thank you to everyone that Supports the cycle!

We are making a HUGE impact! Your voices are being heard and day by day we are- 

  1. Redefining the “cycle”
  2. Tackling gender stereotypes
  3. Empowering women through education 

Please continue to wear your shirts and spread our message!

Stay tuned for future seminars!

Always, be cycling!
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