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Brenda Burns


I’m part of the IEE family because it embodies the core philosophy of my mom, a woman that I respected, loved, and admired. I want to instill in others what she instilled in me: a strong work ethic, independence, and most importantly the importance of being kind to others. On the opposing end, I was also the daughter of a man who did not know or understand how to properly support or engage a female child. For that reason, I also am impassioned to discourage the opposite end of that spectrum. Empowerment starts at home.

We also still live in a society where for the most part a women’s worth is based exclusively on her appearance. I have battled the turmoil that stems from lifelong struggles with my weight. My friends while growing up were always the “skinny and pretty ones” while I was the “nice one”. Social media is perpetuating this trend of judging others solely on how they look and dress. I want young girls and women to know that there are others who have faced similar struggles and there are support systems in place to help them.

Always remember, if someone does not value your gifts in life, it is their loss. If they took a moment to let you in, to let you matter, you would make a positive difference in their life. Work hard, believe in yourself and you can achieve anything.

I want to provide encouragement to others in any way I can. I want all men to value their daughters and encourage and support them in all their endeavors. I want to do something that “matters.” I want to reach out my hand to help “lift others up.” I have learned that family comes first and family is not always defined by blood lines. I’m proud to say I.E.E. is an important part of my family.

Brenda Burns, executive at an insurance software organization